Credit Union Content Marketing Strategy: Data Driven

Online Video Marketing: Future in Content Marketing

Online Video Marketing

In order to have a successful online video marketing campaign, we have to begin with an analytical data driven credit union content marketing strategy. What is content marketing? Content marketing is the foundation of all online video marketing efforts, not only speaking their language but also talking “with” the audience rather than “at” the target audience. This can all begin once determining a relevant topic or content worthy of talking about. Doing the research as well as taking the time to think through the content and making it consistent is extremely important. Doing the content marketing research correctly will attract and retain a clearly defined audience therefore seeing a bigger return on investment. It makes sense that clearly defining your audience and relating the content to what they like will result in more traffic. A credit union, in general, reaches their audience by offering various services to different income levels and demographics. But we have to ask ourselves this question: It’s true everyone could use banking services but do they know when and why they need them?

Our Creative Overview:

  • Video Production
  • Photoshoot
  • Media Placement
  • Print Design
  • Social Media Advertising

This is where our analytical and creative team comes in; implementing content marketing into each online video we produce. What goes into your video is the content and how we’re going to reach the target audience is the question. A great example we’re going to use is from a client and their previous campaign. Arizona Federal Credit Union’s previous campaign ‘Mobile Solutions’ focused simply on brand awareness. Through the collection of data, the interested audience involved moviegoers, shutterbugs, social media enthusiasts and all the foodies as well as a small interest in online dating plus relationships. Through this data, we could effectively and strategically place each video within these interests and like mentioned earlier, ‘speak their language.’

Online video marketing is the future in regular content marketing and the future is now. To visually see information rather than reading it is already engaging enough. Your content should be easy to understand and straight to the point allowing your viewers to want to hop on board. 64% of marketers are expecting video to dominate their strategies sooner than later and that’s why getting a head start now will be of great value to your marketing efforts.

Target Audience Stats:

Shutterbugs / Social Media Enthusiasts
Relationships and Online Dating
Movie Goers