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Internet Marketing

Growing a credit union’s members in today’s marketplace means advertising online.  Online marketing has moved far beyond simple keyword bidding.  Tru Advertising understands the digital marketplace and how to leverage Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Capture and convert new members where they are spending their time, online.

Branding & Identity

Let Tru Advertising rebuild your brand from the ground up. Our creative team will develop your unique story and shape the brand around telling it.  Market strategy and brand standards will be developed for you to control creative and manage the consistency of the message and identity across all media.

Television & Digital Production

From broadcast to web videos, Tru Advertising is uniquely positioned to harness the power of video for your Credit Union.  Our vast experience and background in national quality production is unmatched.  Tru owns the gear and staffs our own producers and directors, meaning our productions maintain a high quality and a solid return on investment benchmark, that is sure to deliver results every time.

Digital & Social Media

Consistency and frequency. These are the rallying cry of any successful social media campaign.  Often neglected and delegated to untrained staff within the Credit Union, this critical marketing cornerstone is first on Tru’s rehab list for our Credit Union clients.  Our team of trained social media experts know just how to leverage the world of tweets and posts.

Website Design & Development

If marketing is a wheel then the website is the center hub that holds everything in place.  Having a mobile friendly and SEO optimized site that is consistent with the Credit Union’s brand and messaging is key to any successful marketing effort.  At Tru, we love building awesome website that work for our clients.

Print & Collateral

Billboards, brochures, posters, magazines, mailers, newsletters, and flyers. Sometimes you just need something tangible in your hand that you can pick up and read, or glance at as you drive on your daily commute.  Tru Advertising’s Art Department has vast print experience and works with top of the line design programs.  From annual reports to 75 foot banners on the interstate,  they’ve got you covered.


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