Auto Loan Advertising | Arizona Federal Credit Union

Auto loan advertising is nothing new to Tru Advertising. Through this commercial we produced for Arizona Federal Credit Union, you see the journey of Julius, a member of the credit union who was approved for an auto loan. After two days and three locations of filming, we were able to execute Arizona Federal’s idea and vision; they find their members a vehicle at the right price while making sure the process is hassle free. A huge thanks to Valley Metro for making our vision a reality!

At Tru, the timing of our release was of great importance. Strategy is all about timing, tax season added quite the incentive considering many people could view the extra cash as a helpful down payment. Our goal was to get viewers to ask themselves that very question: Do I need a new car? The timing and whom you target the ad at are both crucial elements in the success of a campaign. Auto loan advertising is one of many examples of how to create awareness and deliver the best credit union advertising strategy to the right audience in the best way possible.

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