Mobile Solutions Billboards | Arizona Federal Credit Union
  • AZ-Fed-Mobile-Solutions-304-x-912-Apple-Watch
  • AZ-Fed-Mobile-Solutions-304-x-912-Apple-Pay
  • AZ-Fed-Mobile-Solutions-304-x-912-Card-Power
  • AZ-Fed-Mobile-Solutions-304-x-912-Eyeprint-ID
  • AZ-Fed-Mobile-Solutions-304-x-912-Mobile-Deposit
  • AZ-Fed-Mobile-Solutions-304-x-912-Pay-Other-People
  • mobile solutions billboards

We created this series of Mobile Solutions billboards to compliment overall online banking app campaign we produced for AZFCU last Summer. These 7 ads were placed¬†around the Phoenix Metro area, from there we use a mobile centric advertising measure called “GeoTargeting” as a retargeting measure. After all this is a mobile campaign, therefore anyone who drove by with a cell phone was served a mobile ad! The familiarity of seeing the Mobile Solutions billboards gave this mobile centric retargeting measure a more successful conversion rate than¬†otherwise. At Tru Advertising, we can create both your videos and the additional key marketing components, making your campaign initiatives more well rounded than ever.

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