Pyramid Federal Credit Union | 2016 Summer Olympics Commercial Spots - Credit Union Marketing and Advertising

Welcome back, Billy Schmidt! This time you’ll see Billy competing in table tennis, weight lifting and boxing in the 2016 Summer Olympics. Pyramid Federal Credit Union called upon Tru Advertising for a second round of video advertising tailored towards viewers of the highly watched Olympics. Focusing on an absolute fail in each sports category, we then reveal the positives of banking with Pyramid Federal Credit Union receiving interests rates of 1.95% APR. Through our marketing and advertising expertise, we also strategically placed these spots on live television. After establishing our demographic of sports fanatics and individuals tuned into the Olympics, we placed these spots within the Tucson community where Pyramid FCU is located and they played in between commercial breaks during the event. Not only are we addressing everyday sports fans, we are able to appeal to a much broader audience due to the high capacity of viewers during this event. Our selling point here are finances and finances play a huge role in everyone’s everyday lives. We can instantly attract potential members by creating a bit of humility and something everyone can relate too. At Tru, we come directly from the broadcast realm and know exactly what makes a great television commercial stand out amongst the competition. From broadcast television to digital marketing and social media, we make sure to account for everything that will help you succeed. Increasing members and introducing products to members and future members is critical in growing any Credit Union and through our efforts, we can put you on the path to success. We strive to serve our clients creative video production and top notch customer service while providing excelling results. Our mission is to help Credit Unions all over establish their brand and reach their audience while staying true to their vision and goals. Reach out to us today and see how we can help you!